Meet our Trainee Customer Consultants!

At Vantage Toyota we’re dedicated to offering exciting opportunities and welcoming people from different backgrounds into our business. At Toyota Preston, we're no exception! Leanne Wheeler and Natalie Hoyle recently joined our team at Toyota Preston as Toyota Trainee Customer Consultants, an exciting new role supported by the Toyota network to provide support throughout the first stages of becoming a Toyota Sales Consultant.

Joining the team in July, both Leanne and Natalie have thrown themselves into the day-to-day sales process and fully immersed himself in the Vantage culture as part of the ‘One Team’ environment. We decided to sit down for a chat with Leanne and Natalie, to find out a bit more about their role and why they chose the programme.

So, what do you like about your role?

Leanne: For me I really enjoy being immersed in a customer facing environment and meeting lots of different people every day. I also thrive being part of a team.

Natalie: I feel the same way as Leanne, being able to meet lots of different people every day and helping them to choose their perfect car is something I really enjoy.

And why did you decide to take this role?

N: The reason I decided to take this role with Toyota Preston is because the role suited exactly what I was looking for. This programme allows me to work my way up from the bottom rather than being thrown in at the deep end. 

L: For me, I wanted a career change and this programme was the perfect way to do this. It is a fantastic opportunity and one I am very grateful for!

So, what exactly does your role entail?

L: This role is such a fantastic opportunity to build your career. I’m able to learn as I work through different roles every day. From helping with the showroom and shadowing the established sales people to building a rapport with customers and ensuring they have what they require and need, I am able to learn something new every day.We can get involved in all activities that raise the profile of our centre, for example activities within the community promoting the Toyota brand and attracting new customers.

N: As the programme I am enrolled in with Preston is also part of the The Toyota Academy I am able to participate fully with all scheduled activities including sessions at the Toyota factory in Burniston, Derby.  In relation to this I have learning reviews with my manager and mentor to ensure I am developing my skills efficiently. This helps me to track my progress and it’s really exciting to watch. 

And what is your favourite thing about Toyota?

N: My favourite thing about Toyota has got to be the reliable product. It really helps you feel passionately about your job when you believe in the product you're selling. 

L: For me, it has to be the huge range of Toyota products available and the technology that is incorporated into the product. There's always something new and exciting happening. 

Finally, having a lot of knowledge of the Toyota vehicles, which is your favourite?

L: It's definitely got to be the Yaris Hybrid Design Bi-Tone for me. Not only is it economical, it also looks good!

N: I love the sporty GT86. It looks good and drives well!

It all sounds so exciting and a really interesting way to develop your skills as a sales person! If you would like more information, make sure you contact our team at Toyota Preston.


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